Helping employees with an office move

Helping employees with an office move

Business relocation from one office to another requires planning, thought, and employee help.  Whether it is a small move or one with five hundred employees, the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to prepare accordingly.

The number one important factor is to keep your employees informed.  Each day when there is something new regarding the office move it is important to send out an update to the employees who need it.  Email and internal meetings can be used to give an update regarding the business relocation; this helps to keep the employees on target.  It is also possible to stagger any training required regarding the move and the new area.

An office that is not in the same area may require more thought about what employees may require, such as a list of close restaurants, those that deliver, and parking arrangements in the event that parking is not part of the new location.  Train or metro stops might be needed too by employees, meaning the more information you can provide the better off your employees will be and feel about the new location.

Addressing employee concerns will make the move easier, as well as the unpacking once the new office is ready for business. During an office move things will go more smoothly if employees are a part of packing their belongings or offices.  If possible provide different markers or tags to help separate out each employee’s office belongings.

Jon Huser