Helping employees through an office move

Helping employees through an office move

Moving employees from one office to another, along with basically everything else in your current location, takes a great deal of planning, especially if you have numerous members of staff that you will have to relocate.  Fortunately there are some helpful tips to make the relocation easier both for you and for your employees.

Making sure that the planned move has been properly communicated to your employees – complete with a timeline – has proven to be very effective at easing the annoyance and anxiety they may be feeling.  Use internal meetings and email to tell them both when and why the office relocation is taking place.  Should the phone system at the new office be different, it is a good idea to schedule a number of training sessions so that employees will know how to use it before they get there.

If the new location that your office is making a move to is not situated in the same area as your current office, employees should be provided with a list of bus or train stops, parking garages and eateries.  Meetings should be scheduled to ensure that any employee concerns are addressed.

All employees should be sent a copy of the new office floor plan with marked office numbers and common use areas.  It is also a good idea to tell employees what their new office number will be so that they will be able to use the floor plan to locate it.

Gene Salaz