Helpful relocation advice

Helpful relocation advice

Making a move can involve a number of factors that can easily be overlooked; however, the good news is that by following some helpful tips you can avoid any unfortunate circumstances that might otherwise arise because you have forgotten or not taken into consideration some potential issues.

One good tip concerns utilities.  It is very important to make sure that the utilities are going to be turned off in your old home and turned on in your new home at the correct time and on the correct date.  Parking is also something that needs to be given consideration.  You should make sure that you are aware of any parking restrictions that may be in place with the local police department or building regulations at both your current and new place of residence in order to avoid any problems during the move.

Creditors, friends, magazine subscriptions and your local post office all need to be informed about your change of address, among others.  It is also a good idea to make a note of where the service elevators at your current and new location are located, as a number of locations will require you to reserve these elevators for the duration of your relocation.

Certain buildings might require you to provide a certificate of insurance.  You should check with the management of the building that you are moving into in order to ensure that you are fully aware of the requirements, including any protection that is required against damage during the relocation.