Helpful moving tips to keep in mind

Helpful moving tips to keep in mind

When you decide to move there is a lot to think about.  You might have your checklist ready or think that you do not need one.  The tips provided here could be helpful in ensuring that you do not overlook anything you need to consider when you relocate.  These tips can be used for a move overseas or to another state half way around the US.

You do not want to forget to notify your telephone, gas, water, electric and other companies that you are moving.  It is necessary that they know you are no longer at that address so that you are not charged for any usage after you leave.  Additionally, with your other expenses, you want to make certain there is no interruption in your payments due to a move that can be rather stressful.  Forwarding your mail may be necessary so that you do not lose any of the bills or documents you expect to come through.  Even if you forward your mail, you need to let companies know that you have relocated to ensure they are aware.  It is true that a lot of statements can come via your email now, but you still want to let the companies know in the event that it will also affect other things.

If you have a business that is being closed down or moving, you might need to notify former employees that you have moved.  Former employers should also be made aware of your move if you do so in the same tax year.  This ensures your tax documents will not get lost in the mail, even if you do have your mail forwarded.

Using a moving company can be the easiest way to get your belongings moved.  If you have chosen a company, make certain you are there on the day they pack your things and that you are at your new home on the day they arrive.  This helps you protect your goods and makes the move seamless.  You may also have to use storage.  This is fine, but make certain you mark what is going into storage clearly.

Devise a system for labeling your boxes and for the boxes that need to be opened first.  Also mark any storage boxes clearly so that you are not hunting for boxes in the storage unit after the move because you accidentally put them in the wrong place.  It may be easy to have a number system so that you know you have room one, two and three, and what floor the boxes will go to when you arrive at the new location.

You will want to have the rooms you want unloaded first put into the moving truck last.  The stuff that gets loaded first should be things you want to unload last.  If you hire a moving truck and will load it yourself, remember that the heavy furniture should be towards the back for weighing the rental truck better for gas mileage and drivability.

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