Helpful information about storage

If you are intending to rent out a storage facility then there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account and decided upon.  One question that many newcomers to the world of storage facilities frequently ask is how far in advance they will need to make a booking in order to secure the storage facility they need. It is a good idea to book around one month in advance if at all possible.  Booking can sometimes be made closer to the required storage time; however, many facilities have limited availability and will not be able to guarantee that the right sized unit will always be available. 

Check availability and book as early as you can. Paying the storage facility account is another question that often comes up.  The great majority of storage facilities will offer different options for payment such as automatic credit card deductions, online credit card payments or over the telephone, in cash, by check or EFTPOS, or bank transfer and deposit.  It really depends on both the individual facility concerned and what you are most comfortable with. The fees for renting a storage facility are normally paid around one month in advance.  You will need to check up on the “insurance” details of the storage facility and if necessary arrange separate coverage.  You will also need to find out when you can access your storage facility, although most companies allow out-of-hours access.