Helpful hints for storage

Helpful hints for storage

Bubble wrap, cardboard cartons and plastic covers are excellent tools for protecting your belongings when you put them into storage.  All cartons should be filled to capacity – but not overfilled – and all heavy items such as tools and books should be packed into smaller cartons to prevent them from becoming too heavy to carry.  Books also need to be packed flat rather than on their spines.

Televisions, DVD players, VCRs and other electrical equipment should either be placed in their original cartons or wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed into storage.  It is a good idea to pack such items into boxes and you should make sure that any and all gaps have been filled with paper.  CD’s/DVD’s should likewise be packed in their original cases in order to prevent movement.  For extra protection, computers should be wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in boxes.

Items such as mirrors and paintings should be either wrapped in bubble wrap or placed inside a flat pack carton.  They should not be stored on their edges rather than flat.  Fragile items such as mirrors and glassware should be protected by individually wrapping each and every item in packing paper.  All gaps should again be filled with paper and the cartons should clearly be marked as ‘fragile’ in order to avoid having heavy items stored on top of them.

When it comes to furniture, all drawers should be taped shut when being moved into storage.  In self-storage services, you should make sure to clean the area in order to avoid attracting mice and rats. For full-service storage, the goods will be packed into a wooden crate so pests cannot access the goods.