Help your employees during an office move

Help your employees during an office move

Relocating employees from one office to another, in addition to all the physical items that need to moved, takes a great deal of planning and preparation, especially if there are a lot of employees to relocate.  The good news is that there are a number of helpful tips to make the experience a good deal less painful for all concerned.

For one thing, you need to communicate the planned relocation with your employees, including all relevant information such as a timeline.  This will help to relieve any irritation and anxiety your employees may be experiencing.  Use internal meetings and emails to let them know precisely why the move is taking place, and when it will be happening.  Give them a breakdown of all developments that are likely to affect them.

Phone training sessions may be needed for your employees if the telephone system at the new office will be different to the current one, and these should be scheduled prior to the move.  Should the new office be located in a very different area, you can also help your employees by providing them with a list of bus or train stops, parking garages and eateries.

Meetings should be scheduled to address any and all concerns of your employees; some of these may not even have occurred to you, such as the position of office equipment and restrooms in relation to their new office or cubicle, as opposed to the current set-up.

Gene Salaz