Help for families in the military

Help for families in the military

Military families often have to relocate to different duty stations in order to complete service – generally to a military base.  A military service member who is on active duty might live on one base for anything from several months to a number of years before they have to move again.  Military families might need to relocate if the service member is transferred to other duties or reassigned to a different location.

Military families generally have to move as frequently as once every three years; the downside is that relocation is one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives.  Families being relocated and uprooted is just a fact of life for the great majority of military families, however, and the good news is that there are methods of making the experience less of a hassle.

One good tip is not to hesitate to get some help.  Military families that are getting ready for a move can find assistance from a number of different places, with the majority of the branches of the military offering resources for families to help them get settled on the new base and set up child care.  The military branch may also be able to offer some other great resources such as reimbursement and expense tracking.

The average civilian family moves around every six or seven years; however, this is often more than doubled when it comes to military families and most are aware that it is something that it is just part of their duty.