Have an organized move

Have an organized move

There is no doubt that moving house is something that often presents people with what may well be the biggest organizational challenge that they will face in their entire life.  All of your routines and habits are upended and everything that you own is thrown into a relocation van, trailer, etc. to be taken away and then reassembled at the other end.

Making a move is a daunting endeavor, but the good news is that you can cut down on the stress by making sure that you are organized before the arrival of the moving van by following a few tried and tested pieces of advice.

One very smart tip is to get hold of a notebook and use it for keeping track of anything and everything relating to the relocation.  Even if you have never previously made use of such a planner at work or at home, it is often the case that a moving notebook is more crucial to the success of a move than boxes or packing tape.

You may be surprised by the amount of uses that you can put a notebook to.  The moving notebook can be utilized to keep track of telephone calls, make notes about all of the houses that you have looked at, and take down the phone numbers of potential new friends, not to mention details of the rental agents, realtors, and people who work for a moving company.  Once the move has been completed, the notebook can also be used to schedule appointments for the essentials such as water and heating.

Lance Grooms