Have a hassle-free move

Have a hassle-free move

It is never too early to begin planning your long distance move.  A few months before the big day you can start doing the small stuff; if you continue to do a few more things each and every week, you might be pleasantly surprised at the level of smoothness that the day of the move is able to proceed with.

If you are making a long distance move then around three weeks before the move you should make reservations and travel arrangements, as well as collect any important papers such as deeds, insurance and stock.  You should also make arrangements to close your bank accounts and open new ones in the city to which you are moving.

Two weeks before the relocation you should have your motor vehicle checked over and serviced for the trip that you will be taking shortly.  If you are making a move either out of or into a condominium or apartment then you should contact the management of the building in order to book an elevator to be able to move your possessions.  You should also get in touch with your moving company so that you can review all arrangements for the relocation and have everything confirmed.

A week before the move you should settle any bills that remain outstanding with merchants in your local area, pick up dry cleaning, return movie rentals and library books, and withdraw the contents from any safety deposit boxes you have.