Happy Techies Day

Happy Techies Day

Techies Day takes place on October 3rd each year.  Today is the day to show some well deserved appreciation for your friendly technician.  The office technician might be a bit of a geek, but he/she is a geek who is only too invaluable when you get a virus or your computer goes down.  He/she is at the top of their game and is able to have your system up and running again in no time.

Not that Techies Day is just for computer techs, however. On the contrary, the day is meant to honor all technicians.  There are a great variety of highly skilled technical jobs out there which demand people of the highest quality to be able assess equipment of all shapes and sizes.  Be sure to give thanks and a big round of applause to all technicians from all fields on this day.

Make certain that your techie knows only too well that they are appreciated and give them a big thank you.  A token gift might be in order, although even something as simple as an ecard can get the message across loud and clear.  Taking good care of your techie is well worth the effort when the time comes, as it inevitably will, that you need him or her.

So wish your techie all the best on Techies Day and give thanks that there are people out there we can turn to in the times when technology just will not working.

Lance Grooms