Handy tips for moving home

Handy tips for moving home

Nobody really enjoys having to pack up their possessions and move home, but the reality is that the great majority of people will do just this several times in their life.  The good news, however, is that there are a series of simple tips that can be followed to make the process simpler and safer.

One good security tip is to make sure that you change the locks on your new home after you have moved in.  You cannot be certain that keys to your new property are not still be being held by other people.  It is also a good idea to remember to alter the name tag on your pet so that your new telephone number will be on there in the event that your pet gets lost.  You should also take note of your major telephone numbers in the event that you lose or simply cannot find your cellular phone after relocation.

Another good tip is to notify both current and former employers of your change of address, since you will require your tax payment summary from both.  You should also keep vital documents such as removal quotes, birth certificates, maps, address books and current bills on you at all times during the move.

Everyone in the family should have their own personal box of essentials to take with them.  This can include a number of vital bits and pieces such as desk lamps, favorite toys, pillows, pens and paper, and school bags.