Guide to storage facilities

Guide to storage facilities

The most convenient and economical method of storing your property is to do so with the use of a storage facility.  When you choose a storage facility to rent, you need to keep in mind that the size of the unit will determine how much you pay for it; therefore, make sure that you ask the manager of the facility for their assistance in working out the best fit for your needs.  A smaller facility that has been efficiently packed will cost far less than a bigger facility where the contents have been poorly arranged.

You should insist on a written rental agreement and read it thoroughly for your own protection.  Any questions that you may have can be answered by the manager of the storage facility.  You should take note of the date for payment and determine whether pro rata rental periods are covered by the agreement.  Find out when and how bonds or deposits paid are forfeited or refunded in the event of the agreement being terminated.  The facility should be notified in writing whenever you change your contact details.

You also need to insure your belongings.  Goods that you place into storage are solely your responsibility.  Ask your current insurance provider whether you already have provision for goods stored off-site in your current coverage.

You are in sole control of accessing your storage space and you should never place into storage items such as, liquids, perishables, explosives, or any flammable items.  Talk with the providers and decide if a full-service of self-service option is best for you.