Guide to residential moving

Guide to residential moving

When it comes to moving, the key thing is to be organized.  Items that should be left behind in your old home on the day of the move need to be clearly labeled so that the moving company does not accidentally take them to your new home.

If you are intending to take some personal items to your new home yourself, these should be packed up and placed in the car early – or at least put somewhere out of the way, such as in a closet or spare bedroom.  Make certain that you post some kind of sign that indicates to your movers that these items should not be relocated.  A secure but nonetheless accessible location should be established for important items and documents such as plane tickets, car keys, papers for house closing and medications.

Light articles of clothing can be left in the drawers of dressers.  If the drawers contain breakable items, these items should be put on top to allow them to be properly packed nearer the time of relocation.  Screws, bolts and keys should be put in a bag and then taped inside a drawer.  File cabinets should be locked and the keys taken with you.  If all or some of your items are going to be put into storage, you should take every item out of the dresser drawers.

Clothing can be left on hangers in closets.  If there are just a couple of items in closets that will need to be packed, separate them from everything else.