Guide to moving an office

Guide to moving an office

There are so many different steps involved in the planning of an office move that it can often leave people wondering where they should begin.  It is vital to follow a checklist for an office move to avoid making silly mistakes that can cause downtime, loss of revenue and other problems for your company.

One of the preliminary steps necessary before making an office move is to get in touch with your landlord and notify them of your intention to relocate.  Your employees also need to be informed about the date of the move and where the firm will be moving to.  At this point you should start gathering information, including creating an inventory for your moving company and compiling a  list of people who need to be informed about your change of address.

A couple of months prior to the office relocation you should start to review the space plans regarding the placement of office furniture and electrical items in your new location and select a team leader or move coordinator to oversee the project.  Any unwanted items that you do not wish to take to your new office can be donated to charity, with receipts kept for possible tax deductions.

Depending on the size of the office, be sure to select a professional office moving company far in advance.  Large offices may require months of preparation, while smaller offices could only require around six weeks. Before the day of the move you should select an office moving company and start allocating the new extension phone numbers.  It is also a good idea to order new checks and update banking information at this point.