Our Guide to A Perfect Move When Money Isn’t A C …

Our Guide to A Perfect Move When Money Isn’t A C …

From the planning process to the packing, and everything in between, there are several VIP moving services you can take advantage of. Here are some of our favorite ways to ‘go big or go home’ on moving day when money isn’t a concern.

Hire Personal Project Manager

The first step – and inarguably, the most tedious task of moving – is the planning process. There are many tasks involved with moving, with all of them requiring different timelines, equipment, specialties, materials, and more. So, hire a professional project manager for your next move, and let the pros take care of one of the most difficult and more important parts of having a perfect move.

Order Custom Crates

Go the extra mile for your prized possessions and order custom crates designed specifically for your belongings. Bekins Moving Solutions creates custom wooden crates for any item – whatever the size and weight – allowing you to think outside of the box when it comes to transporting your items to your new humble abode.

Custom crates are excellent for storing and moving items such as computer equipment, furniture, art and antiques, heavy machinery and much more.

Opt for Full Replacement Value Coverage

Speaking of protection of your items, consider opting for Full Replacement Value Coverage. While every moving company in the United States is required to offer basic valuation coverage, there are often other valuation packages that offer more protection.

Our Full Replacement Value Coverage is just as it reads. We will cover your possessions for repair, replacement or reimbursement against loss or damage for up to 100% of their current retail value.

Hire Professional Packers

A stress-free move should start long before the moving process. After all, it’s the packing that is often the least enjoyable and most exhausting tasks. So, treat yourself to luxury, freedom and less stress right from the start by hiring professional packers. They come prepared with everything they need to properly pack all of your belongings for a safe, stress-free and efficient move.

Hire Professional Movers

Leave the heavy lifting to the pros. Professional movers load and transport your belongings to where they need to go, and then unload them for you. This moving service also ensures your belongings are loaded into the moving truck properly to ensure safe transportation of your prized possessions. Plus, no back strain for you!

Hire Professional Cleaners

Once your home is cleared out, it’s time to clean up, but the last thing you want to do is grab a mop and bucket and start scrubbing. So, carry on with the stress-free moving theme instead, and hire professional cleaners to come in and prepare your home for their new owners.

Hire Professional Unpackers

Now, once you arrive at your new humble abode and the professional movers have unloaded everything, your home will be filled with cardboard that can certainly disrupt the excitement of the move. So, hire professional unpackers to do the unpacking for you. All that’s left for you to do is decorate as you desire.

Bekins Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company, offering everything from planning to transportation, installation, and more. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond with everything we do. Treat yourself to a Bekins Moving Solutions experience today!