Greener Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes

Greener Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes

Everyone has reused an old cardboard box during a move. In fact, it has been a rite of passage for frequent movers to hunt down cardboard boxes from friends, retail stores, and recent movers. However, cardboard boxes have a limited shelf life and can only be recycled a couple of times before they are no longer strong enough to use. Unfortunately, at that point they end up in a landfill, contributing to a significant amount of waste already piling up in cities across the country. Thankfully, there are greener alternatives gaining popularity.

Re-Usable, Recyclable, Rentable Boxes

The alternative to cardboard boxes is plastic packing boxes. This may not sound like the most environmentally friendly option, but there are some companies that you can rent these boxes from. The plastic boxes can be used more than 100 times, and are often made from recycled plastics. Renting plastic packing boxes also mean that you do not have to worry about disposing of them after the move – they just go back to the company you hired them from. The tops of the boxes fasten securely. Therefore, there is no need for you to purchase packing tape. The boxes can also be easily stacked when full and, unlike cardboard boxes, you do not need to fill them to the top when packing to ensure that they can be stacked easily. The existing structure is strong enough to support the next box.

What About Price?

When people hear about reusable plastic moving boxes, many think they would be significantly more expensive than cardboard. Actually, they can be the same price or even cheaper. Rental fees for these green alternatives can sometimes make more financial sense. After your move, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a place for all your boxes to go. You can simply stack them up and call the company that you rented them from.

Sticking to Cardboard? Recycle!

If you have decided to stick with cardboard boxes for your next move, it is important that afterward you recycle your boxes or provide them to someone for reuse if they are still in good condition. You can also find some creative ways to re-use your boxes after your move. By taking steps to reuse cardboard boxes, we can make a significant positive impact on our planet, keeping it clean for generations to come.

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