Green office moving tips

Green office moving tips

A big buzzword in the industry of office moving in recent times is ‘green moving’; however, many people may be confused as to precisely what a green office move entails.  While some non-green resources are necessary for an office move, you can be more eco-friendly and save money by following a few simple green moving tips.

To start with, any company that accumulates less items at one particular location will have a greener move than a business that stores a huge amount of items that are no longer necessary.  Offices that already have established green business practices are likely to have a much more efficient move than those that have packed away obsolete or broken equipment, old office supplies and unneeded files for many years.  When the time comes to move your office, green moving tips should be considered to make the move quicker, more cost effective and gentler on the environment.

Recycling and reusing are very good tips.  You should begin to purge any unwanted items in an eco-friendly manner around three months prior to the office relocation.  Piles should be made for materials that are recyclable and you should also check for items that might be able to reused or refurbished rather than just thrown away.  When this task is left until very near to the move, the result tends to be perfectly good items unnecessarily disposed of as garbage.

You need to remember that some items should not just be thrown in the trash, such as computers, as these items need to be disposed of in a way that does not damage the environment.

Gene Salaz