Greatest tips for packing

Greatest tips for packing

Packing up your possessions in order to move home can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience; however, the good news is that there are some helpful tips that could prove to be of great assistance to you in this difficult time and could aid you through the tricky bits.  Some of these tips may seem at first glance to be fairly obvious, but you would be surprised at how easy the simplest things are to overlook when you are right in the thick of the moving process.

The first step is to make certain that you are in possession of the right tools that you require for the relocation that is ahead of you.  A basic checklist of vital packing materials would include the likes of cardboard boxes or packing crates, tape measure, marker pen, scissors, bubble wrap, packing tape and newspaper/tissue/paper.  When it comes to boxes, it is important to know that they are most definitely not all created equal.  It is important to make use of the best quality boxes that you can get hold of; boxes that are made out of corrugated cardboard are easily the best option, as they are considerably stronger and a lot more durable and are thus able to offer a considerably greater degree of protection during the relocation.  You should secure your boxes with the use of strong, wide packing tape, which is infinitely superior for this purpose than plain sellotape.

Boxes that are particularly large should be used in order to store light and big items such as towels and bed linen.  Bigger boxes are particularly well suited to general household goods such as kitchenware.  You should use lots of packing paper or bubble wrap for items that are oddly shaped or have sharp edges, and to stop items from shifting around while they are in the midst of being transported.  Smaller – or normal-sized boxes should be utilized for heavier and more compact items in order to make them easier to move.  This may sound rather obvious but when you are packing a box the heavier items should be placed on the bottom, with the lighter items on the top.

If there is a small space left at the top of the box then this can be filled with a cushion or a towel if needs be.  You should make certain that you do not overfill boxes or you will then not be able to seal or stack them properly.  At the same time, boxes that are under-filled have a tendency to crush when they are stacked.

It is crucial to take extra special care with items that are breakable when making a move.  Bubble wrap should be used for fragile goods, and wrap each and every item individually before putting it into a box that has been lined with bubble wrap, newspaper or paper.  A good option for items that have a polished and delicate surface, such as silver, is acid-free tissue.