Great tips when moving

Great tips when moving

Everyone can make use of moving tips when they are packing up their entire life to take to their new home.  If you are one of the thousands of people making a move this year, the following tips can help you to get your possessions and your life properly organized in order to achieve an exciting but peaceful relocation.

Having plenty of supplies for the move is absolutely vital.  You will need lots of boxes ‒ almost certainly more than you think you will need.  Making sure that you have enough boxes on hand will make life a lot easier, and you might be able to acquire these from local grocery stores and bottle shops; if not, boxes can always be bought from a local moving company.

Around ten boxes should be set aside to be used for items that have to be packed at the last minute on the day of the move, such as cleaning supplies, clothing and bedding.  You will also need strong plastic packing tape to make sure that the boxes have been securely sealed.  Make use of bubble wrap or packing paper or unprinted newsprint to cushion and wrap household goods.

Wardrobe boxes are ideal for moving lightweight but bulky items such as blankets, comforters and pillows; obviously they are also useful for clothes, which can be left on their hangers.  Contact your moving company to inquire about the width of its wardrobe boxes and measure your clothes to see how many of these special boxes you will require.