Great Tips to Protect Your Leather Furniture Durin …

Great Tips to Protect Your Leather Furniture Durin …

Not all materials are designed to handle exterior conditions, and leather is certainly one of them. Leather furniture is also a fairly expensive luxury, bringing elegance and a natural essence into your living space. Accidentally ruining the fabric because you forgot to pack it properly for your move would be a travesty.

Although leather is one of the most durable materials out there, it isn’t invincible. Damage can still occur. So, follow these tips and make sure your beautiful leather furniture arrives at your new home in the same condition as it left the old one.

Start with Cleaning

Skipping over cleaning your furniture prior to a move seems like an easy decision. After all, you’re probably wondering why you should bother to clean the fabric if the furniture is going to get dirty during the move. However, proper cleanliness of your leather furniture is the first step to protecting the material during a move. If debris is on the fabric, the friction and movement of transporting your furniture can cause further damage. So, always stay on top of the cleanliness on your leather furniture, even right before the move.

Wrap It Like a Present

The second step to properly protecting your leather furniture for a move is to wrap it. This step is tempting to skip over because it can be time-consuming in an already time-consuming process. However, simply lifting your furniture, moving it into the moving truck and driving away is one surefire way for the leather to become damaged. Items can cause friction against your furniture, puncture the material and even cause parts to fall off or loosen, such as pegs, buttons, handles, etc.

So, always wrap your leather furniture prior to the move to protect it from scratches, tears, and scuffs. It’s recommended to use furniture blankets to completely cover the leather furniture, and then secure it with moving plastic wrap.

Move with Care

The process of moving your leather furniture is just as important as anything else. It’s recommended to plan ahead for large, heavy furniture items, such as couches, as you may need special equipment to maneuver the items during the move. If possible, take measurements of doorways ahead of time to ensure you have the proper tools needed to get your furniture where it needs to go.

Depending on the weight of your leather furniture, you may need some extra hands to help maneuver it. This is where hiring professional movers will serve as a huge benefit.

There’s nothing worse than unpacking your belongings only to find out you need to purchase all new furniture because it wasn’t moved properly. Although leather is one of the most durable natural materials in the world, it’s still subject to damage if it isn’t taken care of it properly. These tips will help you do just that.