Great tips for moving

Great tips for moving

For all of you Do-It-Yourself’ers-Making sure that your move is achieved as smoothly as possible is a very important and wise goal to have, and the good news is that this goal can be reached by using some common sense and taking heed of a number of tips that can be a big help during your relocation.

One good tip is to make sure that every box used in the move is sealed both at the top and at the bottom.  The boxes also need to be very clearly marked with the name of the room that you want your moving company to leave them in when they get to your new home.

You can save both time and money by disassembling and reassembling beds on your own rather than sitting back and expecting your moving company to do this for you.  Another good tip is to take mirrors off your dressing tables yourself, again in order to save both time and money.  The drawers of your dressing table can stay full providing they do not contain any liquids or particularly heavy or fragile items.  Kick plates, waterlines and drip/drain pans should be removed from fridges and freezers, which also need to be completely empty if you are planning to move them by a professional moving company.

Dryers, washing machines and other household appliances should be disconnected and reconnected by you to cut costs.   Railings and banisters should be removed as necessary, and pets should be kept somewhere they will not be disturbed.