Great Ideas for Displaying Your Art in Your New Ho …

Great Ideas for Displaying Your Art in Your New Ho …

The essence of artwork goes far beyond what meets the eye. An artworks beauty is just as much about the way it’s displayed as it is about its actual aesthetics. So, as you begin to unwrap your artwork post move, there are some things to consider to ensure your art is showcased in the best light possible.

Hanging Height is Key

Before you grab your hammer and start putting in hooks, screws, and nails, there’s something to consider – the hanging height. Inarguably, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when hanging their artwork is simply doing it at the wrong height.

As a rule of thumb, artwork should be hung at eye level specific to what you’re doing in that room. For example, the artwork in the dining room should be near eye-level when sitting down and artwork in the hallways should be at eye level when standing.

Additionally, artwork should always be nothing more or nothing less than 8 to 10 inches above large furniture pieces.

Frame It Right

Framing your artwork will enhance its appeal drastically. It can be the key to tying your art pieces in with the interior of your new home. So, whether you’re hanging posters or canvases, photographs or décor, always get it framed. This is a great tip for occupying space that would otherwise remain empty, without giving off a cluttered appeal.

Turn a Piece of Art into a View

An excellent way to display your art in all its glory while also bringing more into the interior of your home is to turn it into a view or a scene. Allow your home décor to play off of the artwork you’re hanging, and let your artwork make up for areas where your interior lacks, such as a small or dark room.

For example, you can turn your bedroom into a vacation getaway with beachy artwork staged into a scenario as opposed to simply hanging a picture of the ocean. If a small room lacks natural lighting and a good view, incorporate a grid of art from a desirable place to create a view that can’t be found anywhere else in the house.

Less Is Not More

Gone are the days of hanging one piece of art per wall. Instead, trending interiors often use grids of art pieces to create an ambiance in a room that is similar to that of a gallery. This is an excellent tip for the art enthusiasts who often have more art than they have space to hang it. Your artwork isn’t doing justice collecting dust in your storage room. So, create a collage of art pieces that go together, such as all black and white photos or a specific theme, artist or area.

Go Vertical

When people think about art, they often think of it horizontally. Just think about all the times you looked at art, only to notice it was off-centered without even considering its distance from the floor and ceiling. However, this has all changed. Along with the previous trend, artwork is now taking on a more vertical appeal.

Instead of hanging one photo in the center of each wall, interior trends are now hanging photos above one another. It’s a great way to decorate tight areas in between windows and narrow spaces in corners, while also adding in an artistic appeal to otherwise unused spaces.

Switch up the Sizes

Forget about going big or going home. Displaying art is all about bringing differences together in an eloquent way. So, switch up the shades and sizes of your frames and artwork; combine a large canvas with small framed photographs of your family. This is a great way to showcase what you love while also adding personality into homes that are often too “cookie cutter” for the art enthusiastic of today.

Moving into a new home is incredibly exciting but it can feel like you’re living in someone else’s space for a couple of days. So, pull out your artwork and hang it as soon as possible to transform your new house into your new home. With these tips, your new place will resonate everything there is to love about art, your home, and your family.