Good tips for putting items in storage

Good tips for putting items in storage

If you are moving, it is a good idea to sort your things out before you have everything shifted to your new home.  If there is a lot of stuff that is no longer useful and can be thrown out then it is important to do just this, as it not only means that you will not have as much to pack but also that you will not have to start sorting through everything at the other end in your new house.  The fact that there are fewer items to move will also make the relocation process go considerably faster and be less expensive.

You can store lounges by standing them on their end, which means that they will take up a lot less space in the storage facility.  Cover non-leather lounges with plastic protectors, particularly if they are going to be in storage for quite some time.

Leather lounges have to sit on the floor flat and you should not stack other items on top of them, as over time this will result in imprint damage.  You cannot use a plastic protector to cover leather lounges either, as it will cause the leather to sweat and crack.  To protect leather lounges against dust settlement, cover them with a cotton sheet.

To protect clothing and linen during an extended period of storage, you may want to considier moth balls or cedar biscuits. Furniture and bedding can be protected with the use of mattress covers.