Godzilla crushes competition at US box office

Godzilla crushes competition at US box office

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures LLC were in the middle of a rather messy corporate divorce this time last summer, but are likely to want to stay in bed together for years to come as a result of the massive opening success of Godzilla at the US box office.

Godzilla was the one Legendary movie that Warner Bros held on to during their breakup.  This appears to have been a very smart decision, with the latest remake of the Japanese monster classic having a $93.2 million opening weekend in the United States and Canada and taking in $103 million overseas, according to studio estimates.  The movie was produced and 75% paid for by Legendary, with the other 25% of the $160 million budget and distribution duties handled by Warner Bros.  The terms of the agreement mean that Warner Bros will release and co-finance any sequels, which seem likely given the huge start the movie has made.

The Legendary movie production and finance company was founded in 2005 and worked as a Warner Bros partner; however, it broke away from the studio in 2013 after strategic differences and personality conflicts arose.  One of the biggest issues of contention was Legendary’s desire to become a creative force in its own films rather than just an investment partner; it now has a multi-year deal with Universal Pictures.

While the reaction of the critics has been lukewarm, the new Godzilla has proved to be a monster hit with audiences.