Giardiniera set for downtown move and menu expansi …

Giardiniera set for downtown move and menu expansi …

Giardiniera Chicago Kitchen has made a point of having a menu consisting of “Chicago inspired, Iowa made” entrees, which is soon going to be available to purchase from downtown in Iowa City.

The restaurant, which has operated from an Iowa City First Street location for the past two years, is set to make a move nearer to downtown following the decision made by Robert and David Meyers, the owners.  “We very much want to be a part of downtown, around what we think is our key demographic,” David says.

The restaurant closed its doors early last month in order to begin preparing for the relocation, although the brothers are continuing to cater private events and will do so throughout the summer season.  The new location has yet to be officially made public, but is nonetheless expected to be opening on 1st September.  “It’s going to be a more efficient way to get a sandwich in everyone’s hands who wants one,” Robert notes.

After the move to downtown Iowa City, the restaurant will be introducing a considerably expanded menu, including half-sized portions, cold sandwiches, more desserts and French fries.  Robert says that these new additions are based upon feedback from customers that has been received by him and his brother.  “When you come to my place, you’re not necessarily going to want a half pound of meat,” he concedes.  The restaurant will, however, continue to serve its popular meatball sandwiches, Chicago-style hotdogs, gyros, and Italian beef sandwiches.

Gene Salaz