Getting Your Sofa Through the Door

Getting Your Sofa Through the Door

getting your sofa through the door

Many people dread moving sofas because of the dreaded trek through tight doorways. Improperly navigating your couch through a door can end in damaged door frames and squished fingers. Even couches that are slim in design can prove a significant challenge without the right technique. MyBekins successfully moves couches each and every day, and we are happy to share the tricks of the trade. Here are a few ways to making moving your couch through the door a bit easier.

1. Remove What You Can

Some couches can be taken disassembled in some way. Many times, the legs of the sofa can be removed safely. Store your sofa parts in a box and label it correctly.

2. Protect Your Couch

If your couch has wood that can be scratched easily, cover the fragile areas with a cloth and plastic wrap. Try to keep any protective covering slim and tight to the couch. If your fit is very tight, you may need to remove the cover temporarily it to get the sofa through the door.

3. Measure Your Couch

Write down the height, width, and length at the highest, widest, and longest points of the couch. Make sure to measure the couch after you have placed the protective covering over the fragile areas of the sofa.

4. Measure Your Doors

Measure the dimensions of every opening the sofa must fit through, including doors, elevators, and stairwells. Think about getting your couch around banisters and consider any sharp turns that need to be made.

5. Determine How to Fit

Check your doorway to see how much room you have to maneuver. If the sofa’s back height is longer then the width of the door, the sofa’s width must not also be wider than the opening. You’ll need at least a foot or more to shimmy the couch through.

6. Different Positions

Remember, you aren’t limited to moving the sofa upright.  You may have to turn it on its side or at an angle to get it through the door.

7. Lift Properly

Always use your legs, not your back to lift the couch. If you feel as though you are losing proper grip on the couch, let your partner know you need to adjust your position. Take breaks and be safe.

8. Ask for Assistance

Sofas are cumbersome and heavy. Do not try to move a couch by yourself, especially if there are stairs. Moving a couch by yourself can result in severe injuries to your back. If you do not have family or friends to assist you, call a professional moving company.

If you need to move your sofa and need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to call the moving experts at myBekins. Call (877) 594-1187 today for your free moving quote.

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