Getting rid of your unwanted clutter when moving

Getting rid of your unwanted clutter when moving

Moving can be a difficult time; however, one of the best things about the process is that it gives you a ready-made excuse to declutter and rid yourself of excess possessions that you no longer need or want.  Decluttering saves both space in your new home and cuts down on the cost of moving simply because the moving company will have less items to relocate.

Before you commence the purge, which should be done well ahead of the actual day of the move, you need to make sure that you are properly prepared.  Gather storage tubs, paper bags for recycling, garbage sacks, paper shredders, boxes, storage bins and anything else you feel that you are going to need in order to properly accomplish the task.

Although decluttering before a move can be a tiring experience, there is no good reason why it cannot be fun.  Listen to music, invite a relative or friend over to help – perhaps with the offer of returning the favor when the time comes for them to make a move – and pour yourself a glass or mug of your favorite drink while you get stuck in.

It is a good idea to start small.  If tackling an entire room seems like an overwhelming idea to begin with, start with one closet or drawer.  Empty out everything within so that the contents can be properly sorted through and you can dispose of any extraneous items. When you Clear the Clutter you also improve the esthetics of the home because of having everything organized.