Getting ready for your moving company

Getting ready for your moving company

Moving somewhere new can be a thrilling experience; however, it also brings its own set of difficulties.  Whether you are moving across town or across the country, relocation entails a lot of work in order to pack your things and have them transported to your new home.

Enlisting the services of a professional moving company can be a very good idea, as the company will be able to lift all your heavy items for you.  For a little extra money the company will even be willing to pack and unpack all your possessions.  To make sure that the relocation does not take any longer than absolutely necessary, preparation is the key and will ensure that you get the most from your moving company.

It is important to be aware of what can be moved and what cannot.  A professional moving company will not move anything and everything; often it will have a list of the goods that it will not move for reasons of safety, such as paints, liquids and household chemicals.  There are some other goods that will be unable to be moved for reasons of liability, including money, photographs, food, medicine, important papers and pets.  You should pack up and move these items yourself.

Work out whether you or the moving company will be responsible for the packing of different items prior to the day of the move.  If you decide to pack your own items, be sure to use lots of bubble wrap, newspapers and blankets for padding.