Getting friends’ help with a move

Getting friends’ help with a move

Everybody can use a helping hand from time to time, and when you are moving you may need to get your friends’ help. From the mammoth task of sorting and packing to the actual move, friends can help with every aspect, if you wish, to lighten the load on you and to make it much less of a lonely exercise. It is still advisable to hire a professional moving company for moving day itself, but your friends can help to make packing and unpacking at the other end much less of an onerous task.

Do not be tempted to invite all and sundry into your home to help with your house move packing. Sometimes the phrase ‘too many cooks…’ is very relevant. You could find yourself doing too much socializing and then realize that there is still a lot of work to be done. Just a few trusted friends will be enough.

You should also make sure that you get your friends in as soon as you want to start your packing – leaving it until the last moment could see both you and them panicking. Once they are in, set specific tasks. Ask one friend to pack your books, for example, and another to work on your CD collection. Breaking the task down in this way makes it much more manageable.

Finally, make sure that you say ‘thank you’. Feed your friends while they are with you, and a small gift when the whole thing is done and dusted is sure to be appreciated.