Getting creative with packing materials

Getting creative with packing materials

Packing up your belongings as you prepare to move into your new home doesn’t have to be a boring task that you keep procrastinating. You just have to get creative! There are many incredible ways you can use materials in your home to safely pack your items, from pillowcases to old linens, clothing, unprinted newspaper and more.


Use Clothes to Wrap Breakable

While it’s highly recommended to use proper packing materials for anything that is breakable to ensure your belongings arrive in mint condition, using your clothing is a creative solution that can be quite effective.

The key to using clothing for wrapping is to avoid using anything that has embellishments or details that can scratch or penetrate your items.  Otherwise, it’s fair game and the softer, the better. So, go through your closet and pull out some plain t-shirts and leggings, and use them to wrap and protect your breakables.

Fill Voids with Stuffed Animals

Finally, a useful way to use all of those stuffed animals you’ve been gifted over the years. Instead of piling them into plastic bags and taking up valuable space in the moving truck, use stuffed animals to fill voids in your boxes. They’ll add an extra dose of cushioning while also reducing the movement of your items in the box, both of which are key to properly packing boxes.

However, you’ll want to be careful when choosing which boxes to use stuffed animals in. If the box contains fragile items, avoid using any stuffed animals that have hard details on them, such as beaded eyes or hard noses. These hard surfaces can cause your belongings to break or scratch with every bump in the road.

Pack Your Suitcases

Moving into a new home is similar to a vacation. You’re excited and heading off to a place you’ve never been before. The only difference is that instead of filling your suitcase with swimwear, you’ll want to fill them with your household items.

Empty suitcases can be filled with everything from shoes to seasonal décor, clothing, home décor, cushions and more, making them an excellent alternative to the traditional cardboard box. If you have some suitcases that have wheels and a pull-handle, and all the better.

Empty Your Paper Shredded

If you have a paper shredder in your home, you’ll finally have a great use for all the paper shreds filling the bucket. Simply empty the shredded material into boxes that need some extra padding, and you’ll save on packing material while also taking advantage of an eco-friendly option.

Find Packing Materials Online

With the rise of social media, you can find anything you want online, including barely-used packing materials. With a quick click over to social media’s market place or online classified sites, you can pick up everything from moving boxes to bubble wrap, and often times, for free! Most people who have recently moved just want to get rid of the empty boxes. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Cushion with your Cushions

Anything that has a bit of cushion to it can be used to add a protective layer to your belonging. Take a walk around your home and leave out the throw pillows and throw blankets, couch cushions and padding for kitchen chairs. Then, pack them into boxes or tape them onto surfaces that need some protection.

The packing materials you use will play a significant role in the safe transportation of your belongings. Consider hiring professional movers from Bekins Moving Solutions who will come in and take care of all the hard work for you, including the packing process. Speak with a specialist today for more details.