Getting a moving estimate

Getting a moving estimate

The cost of moving interstate is generally based upon the weight of your possessions, the scale of the distance that they need to be shipped over, and any other services that you might need from your moving company such as the amount of packing that has to be done.

In order to assist you with working out the cost of your move in advance, professional moving companies can provide you with an estimate of the cost of their services.  You can assist your moving company to determine this cost by making sure that you have shown them every single thing that you have that will need to be moved, including items stored in places such as closets, the attic, the basement, the garage, and under the beds.  You should be clear about the amount of packing required and any other services that you might need.

The great majority of professional movers offer several types of estimates.  These options vary by location and move type.  Ask your professional Moving Constultant upon your free onsite appointment.  The former is a written guarantee that that the moving cost is based upon the services and items to be moved that are listed on the estimate sheet, thus making it vitally important that you have not forgotten to show the moving company anything.

A non-binding estimate, however, is not a guarantee of anything.  It is an approximation of the cost and the moving company is not bound by this estimate.  You also need to discuss the method of paying for the move, with most companies accepting cash, certified check or money order.

Jon Huser