Get ready for your relocation

Get ready for your relocation

Are you ready to make a move?  If you have not already properly organized your impending relocation then now is the time to get organized and stay organized.  There are a number of methods of doing this.

One good tip is to categorize your work.  Small tasks often bizarrely end up being the ones that take the longest to get done; therefore, make a point of getting the smaller tasks completed first.  Use brief interludes of time to get jobs such as clearing out your fridge or your junk drawer done, and other tasks that can be completed in just five or ten minutes.  Using the odd five minute interlude to complete small tasks will help you to get everything done prior to the move.

Making sure that you never leave a room empty-handed in the run up to the relocation is another good piece of advice; instead, take the time to clean up and clear things away.  This will make things a lot easier on you in the long run.  You should also try to have a clear plan for moving day prepared by the day before.

Make a note of which tasks have been completed and which still remain.  This will help to keep you abreast of everything that has been done and what you still have to do.  Another good tip is to gather items together into the one room rather than have them split across different rooms; this is a good way of saving time.