Get ready for the Oscars

Get ready for the Oscars

This year’s Academy Awards ceremony – otherwise known as the Oscars – is due to take place on February 22nd. Only the elite get the chance to attend the ceremony itself and the amazing parties that take place afterwards; however, there is no reason why you cannot have your own Oscars party at home.

The theme of any Oscars party is glitz and glamour, no matter where you are. When you send out your invitations you can ask everyone to dress up in evening wear and dig out their jewelry to add a touch of sparkle. Vintage Hollywood glamour is easy for you to achieve at home when you consider your party decorations – a few portraits of some of the Hollywood greats such as Marilyn Monroe will help to give the room the right ambiance.

If the budget allows, hire a waiter or two to dish out canapes and drinks – the fancier the better. Champagne is always a good choice; however, if the budget is low, opt for something similar but cheaper, such as cava or prosecco.

Don’t forget why you are all assembled on this day. Gather everybody around to watch the Oscars ceremony on TV and make sure that you start watching early – the arrival of the stars on the red carpet takes almost as long as the ceremony itself and you can enjoy judging their sartorial style.

Before the ceremony, make sure that you hand out ballot papers to give everybody the chance to say who they think the winners should be. You might want to offer a prize for those who guess the most winners correctly, which should be something with a film theme. Perhaps you could hand out DVDs of the films that are up for consideration or something inspired by Hollywood, such as a clapperboard.

The Oscars are a major event in the entertainment calendar and for a few hours each year everything stops while the great and the good are honored. We may not always agree with who wins, but this is part of the fun. The event was first held in 1929 and has been held every years since; however, it is only since 1953 that we have been able to watch it on TV and it is so popular that it is aired live in more than 200 countries. It is also the oldest entertainment awards, with most other awards taking their cue from the Oscars.

Attendees at the first awards ceremony paid just $5 for their tickets and the winners were not a surprise – they had been announced several months earlier and the ceremony took just 15 minutes to complete. The following year the winners were kept secret until 11pm on the evening of the ceremony, when names were given to the newspapers to print the next day. This practice stopped in 1941 after the Los Angeles Times made the announcement of the winners before the ceremony had even started; since then, a sealed envelope has been used and nobody finds out the winners until they are announced at the ceremony.