Galliano may be moving to Los Angeles

Galliano may be moving to Los Angeles

John Galliano is rumored to be moving to Los Angeles.  The designer has pretty much been out of the limelight altogether after he was fired from Christian Dior in 2011 following allegations that he made racist remarks in the midst of an argument; he was later found guilty of having made anti-Semitic comments.

Galliano subsequently spent some time in rehab in order to get help with his addictions to both prescription medication and alcohol, and has only been spotted on a handful of occasions since then. He was apparently in Los Angeles during late July and, while there, he was apparently overheard telling his friends that he and his partner Alexis Roche intend to move to the American city and make it their new home.  According to The Hollywood Reporter: “[He] was dropping the hint that Roche would like to style celebs, and that they’re looking for an LA apartment, since the designer has finished his long stint in recovery.”

Galliano was spotted at the Tower Bar restaurant, where he met actress Diana Kruger.  Sources claim that the pair seemed to be happy to see each other, and the designer noted that the actress and model was looking very well.  Galliano has been linked to a design job with re-launched label Schiaparelli, although experts believe that the speculation is without foundation.

Which moving company Galliano and Roche plan to use in their relocation to Los Angeles has yet to be determined.

Jon Huser