Furniture storage tips

Furniture storage tips

If you need to make use of the storage facilities offered by your moving company, you may be concerned about how your furniture is going to survive. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make sure that every item of furniture makes it to your new home in one piece.

Upholstered items such as sofas and mattresses should be covered. You can wrap them in plastic or sheets to ensure that they are protected from dust and other factors while they are held in your moving company storage facilities and you can ask that they are stored without other items being placed on them. Most professional movers will do this anyway.

Dismantling as much as possible before furniture is moved into storage is a good idea; for example, if you have a bed with wooden slats then these can be taken out and taped together to save space in the storage facility and to make it easier for you when you get to your new home. Make sure that any screws and bolts are put into a strong plastic bag and taped to the item to make them easier to find.

While most moving company storage is climate controlled, you may be concerned about damp air getting in. It can help if you spray any wooden furniture with a polish or spray to give it a little added protection, which is especially important if your furniture is spending more than a few days in storage.