Furniture Moving Dos and Don’ts – Impo …

Furniture Moving Dos and Don’ts – Impo …

When it comes time to pack all of your furniture into the back of a moving truck, too many people simply toss in whatever they can and hope for the best. There is no semblance of order, design, or safety implemented into the packing technique. There are a few different steps required to moving furniture that make the entire process far easier, less cumbersome, and just a tad bit safer to handle.

Plan Ahead

For furniture, it is always best to take apart what you can before the move. This will help make each item lighter for the individual who will be loading it into the truck and moving it into the new house once the trip is over. When the smaller parts are removed from the couch, for example, the entire body is easier to lift, as the strongest points can be grasped more efficiently.

Any glass pieces of furniture should be carefully wrapped so they will not break if they tip over while in the truck. Blankets or special padding can often be used to wrap each item individually, as they provide enough cushioned support to prevent cracks from forming or the glass from shattering entirely. Of course, not just glass furniture benefits from being wrapped up.

Do not simply hope for the best and try to stack full pieces of furniture on top of each other in the back of the truck. A single bump or pothole in the road will cause the tower of couches and chairs to collapse on each other, causing damage.

Take Your Time

Furniture is probably the largest of the items you intend to pack up and move. The best piece of advice that you can follow is to simply take your time while packing and loading these items. Some couches and dressers can be quite heavy. To prevent injury, learn a few techniques for moving large items to lower the risk of back or arm injuries.

Taking your time will also reduce the possibility of damaging the floors or doorways. Pieces of furniture with legs have a tendency to scratch up flooring if they are dragged. A scratched floor or ripped carpet may cost you money down the line when you try to sell the house or move out of the apartment. Your landlord won’t enjoy fixing the flooring because of a simple mistake on your part.

Hire a Professional

Alternatively, instead of trying to move all your heavy furniture on your own, hire a professional moving company. These good folks are trained in the proper techniques to move and load large items with ease.

If you are planning on moving large pieces of furniture in the near future, call Bekins Moving Solutions for support. We would be happy to help you with your relocation. Simply call (877) 594-1187 today.