What Does Full-Service Moving Mean?

What Does Full-Service Moving Mean?

Just when you think moving is a black and white situation, you discover the plethora of moving solutions available at Bekins Moving Solutions. While a move can certainly involve nothing more than a moving truck that gets you from A-to-B, the best moves are always stress-free. Those are the types of moves provided by full service moving services. In order to appreciate all the benefits that come with it, you must first know what full service moving means. Like most things pertaining to your move, we’ve got you covered.

Full-Service Moving Is…

Full service moving is when the moving company you choose completes the complex tasks and ins and outs involved with a successful move. Instead of having professional movers help you complete your relocation for a portion of the process, full-service movers do all the hard work, from start to finish.

What is Included with a Full-Service Move?

To put it simply, full service moving is an all-inclusive package. Bekins Moving Solutions provides you with professional movers to do all the loading, unloading and transportation of your items. You can add additional services to have our professionals pack your belongings, disassemble and reassemble your large furniture pieces, and much more. When it comes to full service moving, the options are endless and if it pertains to the move, the professionals can do it for you.

However, the full service doesn’t start or finish with the physical move. Instead, it starts and ends long before and after, as full-service moving also means that all aspects and details of your move are taken care of. As such, Bekins Moving Solutions also provides you with a specialist to create a highly effective plan and timeframe to carry out the ins and outs of your move.

How Does Full Service Work?

Your Bekins Moving Solutions specialist will be able to provide you with accurate details specific to your move. However, generally speaking, the professional movers will come to your home at the agreed time to complete the tasks you opted for. For example, if you added professional packing services onto your full-service move, you’ll likely have two dates where the movers will come to your home – one for packing, the other for moving.

Bekins Moving Solutions also includes the moving truck and driver, which also includes the use of moving equipment at no extra charge. This is a huge benefit as moving truck rental companies will charge you extra to use the dollies and other equipment.

Full-Service Moving is Ideal for People Who are Too Busy or Unable to Physically Do the Move

Full-service moving isn’t limited to a certain category of people. However, due to the benefits of opting for such a service, full-service moving is ideal for people who are either too busy or who are physically unable to complete the tasks required for the move. Perhaps you own a business and can’t take time off work to complete the move, or maybe you’re arranging a move for a loved one who is a senior citizen, perhaps you are relocating to a different city, new state or entirely different country and have no idea where to start, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the stress of a move. Everyone benefits from full service moving because it takes care of the ins and outs of any type of move, such as a commercial move, a local move, an out-of-state or cross-country move – you name it.

If moving isn’t your forte or your idea of a good time, leave it to the professionals who live for this moment. Bekins Moving Solutions provides affordable solutions to ensure a successful and stress-free move.