Fruitcake Day is December 27th

Fruitcake Day is December 27th

You may never have realized that there is a Fruitcake Day, but there is, and what’s more, plenty of people want to celebrate it! At this time of year fruitcake is one of our festive treats and we may eat it without really thinking about it. There are plenty of different varieties of fruitcake but it generally contains ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, spices and candied fruits.

It is traditional for a fruitcake to be soaked in spirits; however, you can give the name ‘fruitcake’ to any cake with fruit in it. Fruitcake can take some time to prepare and cook; therefore, generally it is used for special occasions such as weddings and Christmas. Fruitcake is usually served without fillings such as jam or cream, although it is popular to cover it with marzipan and icing.

Over the years the fruitcake has come in for a little criticism and December 27th has been designated Fruitcake Day to promote this much-maligned cake; December is also designated Fruitcake Month. This is a cake that has been around for centuries and it is known that a version was served in ancient Rome. Over the years different cultures have adopted their own versions.

Recipes vary according to local traditions and personal tastes; for example, if you prefer not to add in the candied fruits, you don’t have to. You can also alter the amount of spirits you use to soak your cake in – if you prefer more, go for it!