Frequently asked questions about moving

Frequently asked questions about moving

Moving is such a common occurrence that many of the questions people ask about the experience are equally as common.  One of the questions that is frequently asked is about the best time of year in which to make a move.  The summer months should be avoided if possible, along with the end of the year, as these are usually very busy times for moving companies.

If you know you are going to be making a move, it is never too early to call a moving company.  It is best to have given a professional moving company notice of around four to six weeks if you can; the greater the lead time, the more likely it is that you will be able to have your preferred schedule adhered to.

The answer to whether you will need an estimate is a definite ‘yes’.  A pre-move survey is always required by a professional moving company so that it can give you an accurate approximation of how much it will cost to move your household and how much space your goods will take up in the moving van.

Some people do not understand what is meant by the term ‘a binding estimate’.  A binding estimate is one that specifies ahead of time the exact cost of relocation and cannot be changed unless more items are added to the list of things to be moved or additional services, such as packing, are requested. Depending on the type of move and where you are moving to and from, certain options may differ.