Fort Worth Opera Festival

Fort Worth Opera Festival

OperaThe opera festival in Fort Worth has already started and you will have to move quickly if you want to be sure of a ticket. The festival runs until May 10th and this will be the 69th year it has taken place. From traditional to new performances, there is something here to suit every opera buff’s taste.

This year’s opera season is part of the Opera of the Americas vision for the next 10 years and has been partly funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. What can you expect to see?

Among the performances will be the regional premiere of Dog Days by Royce Vavrek and David T Little, based on a short story by Judy Budnitz. You can also expect to be a part of the Frontiers program, where new works from composers based in the Americas are showcased. This is the third year that Frontiers is part of the festival program.

If contemporary opera is not your favorite then you can choose to see a more traditional work. How does La Traviata sound? This is a new version of Verdi’s opera; however, it is a timeless classic and always a popular choice, so move quickly if you want tickets. What about Hamlet? This operatic version of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays is a great choice, especially if you are new to opera; most people are already familiar with the story.

Pick up your tickets either at the box office or online.