Fort Belvoir in Virginia

Fort Belvoir in Virginia

Are you being posted to Fort Belvoir? This important military base in Virginia successfully survived the shake-up of bases in the 1990s and has seen a lot of modernization, meaning that those making a move to a military home here will be happy with its top-class facilities.

On base there is just one school, which is an elementary school, but there are plenty of good schools located off base but close by. There are also a large number of private schools in the region and finding somewhere that suits your kids should not be a problem. The base also has its own community hospital and operates two health centers in communities close by, which is perfect if you choose to live off base.

When it comes to housing there is plenty to choose from, as there are 15 housing villages at Fort Belvoir and one barracks; however, demand does outstrip supply here and you could find that you are on a waiting list for a new military home when you are first posted.

If your role on base has been designated ‘key and essential’, you get priority when it comes to housing. Living off base is not too much of a problem and many military families choose to do this, settling in communities such as Fairfax, Woodbridge and Springfield. Temporary military housing is available and you can reserve this six months ahead of time; however, most people only stay in temporary housing for two weeks.