Flag Day

Flag Day

Flag Day takes place every year in the United States on 14th June.  It is a day for all American citizens to celebrate and demonstrate their respect for their nation’s flag, its makers and designers.  The US flag is representative of the country’s unity and its independence – one nation, indivisible under God.

The US flag has a proud and glorious history, being at the lead of every single battle that Americans have ever fought; innumerable people have given their lives to protect it.  The US flag even stands proud on the surface of the moon.  Americans have every right to feel proud of their nation, culture and flag, and 14th June is the day that the flag should be raised with pride.

There is a proper and improper way to display the US flag.  The US flag should be held in the highest possible regard, as it represents America and the many individuals who have died for their nation and their flag.  In order to display the American flag correctly, it is important to know that it is usually flown from sunrise to sunset.  It should be raised briskly at sunrise and lowered slowly at sunset, both in a ceremonial manner.

Other things to know about the proper display of the US flag include the fact that it should never be flown at night, unless there is a light on it; that it should never be flown in incremental weather, including rain; and that it is flown at half staff for precisely 30 days after a death or tragedy.

Jon Huser