Five items LA college students need to pack

The University of California brings together students from across the United States.  Los Angeles also plays host to a wide array of other universities, all offering excellent education.  If you are making a move to a college in LA, your packing list will be of vital importance.  Here are some helpful tips for you to follow.

Clothes for rainy days are essential to take with you when you move.  Although California is hot and sunny, it does rain and this rain tends to last quite some time.  Be certain to pack an umbrella, a raincoat, a blouse/hoodie or two, and rain boots.  Should rain catch you unprepared, you will end up missing out on a lot of fun because you are spending all of your time indoors!  Of course, you will also need clothes for sunny days!  Fans of the beach will need to carry with them items such as sun lotion (and lots of it), flip-flops, a bathing suit, a couple of hats, sunglasses and T-shirts!

Also useful are electronic devices such as MP3 players and laptops.  Laptops should be packed together with a laptop lock for the sake of protection, and MP3 players or iPods can be very useful for listening to pod casts or music.

You definitely need to pack essential hygiene items such as detergent, soap and toothbrushes, and you should not forget about toilet paper or towels.  Dishes can also come in very handy if you intend to eat more than just pizza after your move to college!