Finding Your New Home

Finding Your New Home

If you have decided that you want to move house then you need to start doing some planning, and one of the main things you need to plan is obviously where you are going to move to. How do you decide which property is going to be your new home? Whether you are buying or renting, you need to consider several different factors.

First of all, make a list of the properties you are interested in. Talk to your realtor about places that will suit you and do a few searches online to see what is currently available. It is important to consider location-specific factors, such as whether the new property is close to good schools and how long the commute to work will be. Once you have your list you are ready to start viewings.

Viewing any property you are interested in is going to be essential before you move home. This is your chance to see it at close quarters and ask questions. It may be the home owner who shows you around or it may be the realtor; either way, you should make sure that you obtain all the information you need.

Ask why the vendor is selling. It could be that they are selling because they want to move closer to friends and family, or it could be that their house move has been prompted by a spike in crime rates in the area.

You also need to inspect the property yourself, as the realtor’s photos are unlikely to reveal signs of damp or other problems because the aim is to encourage people to view.