Finding new friends after a move

Moving to a brand new community can be both exciting and scary, particularly when you are leaving somewhere where you are used to all the people and places.  Every member of your family is likely to feel disconnected after such a move and it is important to find new friends to make everybody feel more at home.

One good tip is to make an effort to get to know your neighbors.  Introduce yourself to the people on your street and tell your neighbors all about yourself and your family.  Another good tip is to pursue your interests.  Amateur sports, religious groups, volunteer organizations and book groups are an excellent method of meeting people who share similar interests to you and helps you to make friends following relocation.

Making new friends is even more important for children and teenagers, and you should make sure that there is a welcoming place in your new home in which they can socialize and create new relationships.  Children and teenagers often find it easier to make new friends, as the school environment offers a built-in pool of possible new friends.

Some communities have newcomer clubs that are designed to introduce people to others after they have made a move to the area.  Once you have made some initial contact with people who appear to be on your wavelength, throw a party in order to get to know them better and establish a social relationship.  Taking classes or joining the local community center can also be good ideas.