Final tips for office moving day

Planning to move an office starts several months in advance; however, even on the last few days prior to the move and on the actual day of the move there are a number of things that still need to be taken care of in order to make sure that the relocation is a success. One good piece of advice is that you should remember to throw away as much rubbish as you possibly can before the relocation.  It is even possible to acquire permission from the city to put industrial sized dumpsters in front of your building if there is a truly inordinate amount of rubbish that you need to dispose of.  The more items that you can get rid of, the fewer you need to take with you.

Moving electrical machines is something that needs to be treated with caution.  The great majority of such machines will have to be dealt with in a particular way and if any of your equipment is rented then you should notify the rental company well before the day of your move.  Computers should be dismantled and disconnected in the correct manner and all fluids should be removed from photocopiers.  Water dispensers should be emptied and all items removed from vending machines. Before you move you should check that nothing has been left behind.  To this end you should make sure that all desks are empty, that all supply cabinets have been cleared, file drawers locked and wall items taken down.

Gene Salaz