Fend off winter cold at the NY Hot Chocolate Festi …

Fend off winter cold at the NY Hot Chocolate Festi …

Chocoholics can rejoice at this time of year because the Hot Chocolate Festival is taking place in New York City throughout the month of February.

Organized by City Bakery, the festival presents the opportunity to try a different flavor of hot chocolate every day. For some people it comes as a surprise that there are so many different varieties; however, these have been given some unique flavors and it is a great excuse to try something different every day.

Every year the list of blends is slightly different and past menus have featured names such as banana peel hot chocolate and spicy fig hot chocolate, as well as exotic Asian flavors such as Vietnamese cinnamon hot chocolate. As the festival has been running for more than 20 years it is well known in the city and very popular; therefore, if you want to get your fair share of these great drinks, you might have to get there early to avoid a queue. Expect to spend around $5 on each drink – well worth it for the chance to try something new.

Hot chocolate is not all that is available. You will get the opportunity to try a few snacks at the same time and it is a great excuse to sit and chat with friends while enjoying something a little different.

The location of the bakery is also ideal for those who want to explore the city afterwards, as there are plenty of museums and other cultural attractions within easy reach.

Lance Grooms