Feel Like Your Moving Company Is Taking Advantage …

Feel Like Your Moving Company Is Taking Advantage  …

With moving day fast approaching, it’s easy to overlook the components that seem like such a small factor to the big day. You spend weeks sorting, packing and preparing for the move and you only need professional movers and a moving truck for a day or two. So, it’s easy to consider these two factors trivial to the day. However, without quality movers and a moving truck that won’t break down, your moving day is halted. As such, these what-seem-like-small factors are actually crucial to the overall success of moving day. After all, you can pack for months and months but if your belongings never make it to the destination, the packing doesn’t matter at all.

As such, hiring quality professional movers from a reputable company is inarguably the most important factor to moving. Here’s how you can ensure you’re getting what you paid for, and that your prized possessions are protected from point A to point B.

1. Do Your Homework

The easiest way to ensure you get what you pay for from your moving company is to do your homework. A well-informed consumer is a smart consumer and one that can be confident with their choice of professional movers and moving truck rental. Conduct your research, learn what makes each moving company different from the rest and make an educated decision.

The sooner you can start doing your homework the better. If you leave this step to the last minute, you’ll be scrambling for a moving company that still has availability as the best ones are already booked. As a result, you’re left with the pickings at the bottom of the barrel. So, start your homework early, prepare and book your moving services as soon as you found a company that suits your needs.

2. Search Online for The Company Name and Scam

A moving company may sound great but you’ll never really know until you do your research. Always conduct an online search for the “company name scam”. This will instantly bring up any results that customers have submitted with the word scam associated with that company.

It’s also recommended to conduct an online search for, “company name reviews”. However, this search isn’t as reliable as the prior, as consumers are more likely to write bad reviews than they are to write good ones. If someone (or a lot of people) are calling a moving company a complete scam, those words speak louder than just a bad review from an unsatisfied customer.

3. Be Aware of Any Company Name Changes

You may also need to channel your inner private investigator, as some scams have found a loophole to overcoming the bad reviews online. Scam companies simply change the business name they’re operating under. Instantly, any bad reviews and scam reports they’ve received from websites such as the Better Business Bureau are no longer associated with them because they have a new name. However, their level of service or lack of service is still the same. So, always make sure a moving company has a local address, phone number and information about their guarantee policies, insurance, business licensing, etc.

If you’re still unsure, you may want to trust your gut and go with a different company. A reputable company will never leave an uneasy feeling in your stomach. However, if you’re at a shortage of options, you can ask for references from customers in the area or who have used their services in the past couple of months.

4. Listen to the Way They Greet You

If a moving company answers their phone with, “Hello,” or a generic greeting such as,

“Moving services” you should be weary. A reputable moving company will answer they’re phone like a reputable company. In other words, their greeting will likely be specific to their business name or the services provided such as, “Hello. Thank you for calling Bekins Moving Solutions. How can I help you?”

5. Don’t Make a Large Deposit

Moving companies, or at least, reputable moving companies will never require a large deposit to hold your booking. Whether it’s for professional packers, professional movers, a moving truck rental or moving materials, don’t make a deposit. If a moving company is demanding a cash deposit or a large deposit of any kind, look elsewhere. This is not standard practice within the industry and you can book quality services without putting your hard-earned money up as a deposit.

6. Be Aware of Valuation Protection

To put it simply, if a moving company doesn’t offer valuation protection, you should look for one that does. All moving companies within the United States are required to be liable for the products they transport. The legal minimum for valuation is based on weight and is rarely enough to cover the cost of damages. A reputable moving company will have additional valuation options to discuss with you so you can have the amount of protection you need.

7. Hidden Fees Aren’t Hidden at All

One thing you should know about the moving industry is that extra fees are quite common. However, the thing that separates reputable moving companies from others is whether those extra fees or hidden or not.

Things such as extra mileage, late fees, moving equipment rentals, parking charges, etc. may come with extra charges. Ask for the specifics of any additional fees you may incur when using their services.

8. Know the Specifics

With the prior mentioned, it’s crucial to understand the specifics of your purchase. A reputable moving company will inform you of pick-up and drop-off times, processes for professional movers, how many miles your moving truck rental is good for, and any information that pertains to your purchase. No information should be left out, and more importantly, any information pertaining to your moving services should be on paper and documented. Otherwise, it’s just hearsay and you have nothing proving your proof of moving services.

When you’re dealing with your possessions, you want a moving company you can trust. There’s never a measure too far to take to ensure you find reputable moving services. With these tips, you can feel confident about your choice of professional packers, professional movers, moving truck rentals, and services.