Family moves into drug house

Family moves into drug house

An ordinary family is Houston unknowingly moved into a home in Cypress that was apparently formerly used as a drug grow house.  The family says that the house looked beautiful upon first walking through but when they actually made the move and began to unpack, they began to see mold everywhere.

“They just painted over it,” Christy Edgel says.  “In this room you can tell they only painted the edges of the room. They didn’t paint the whole wall.  What were they covering up?”

The family of six made their relocation from Utah to Houston after Mr. Edgel became unemployed and moved into the 4,000 square foot rental property just 12 days ago. This resulted in almost everybody in the whole family immediately falling ill, Edgel says.  “My eyes were burning.  My throat was burning.  My chest felt heavy.  Then I became very congested.  My youngest daughter started getting green goop in her eyes and she would cough until she threw up,” Edgel adds.

Mold of some kind can be observed in a number of places on the wall, on the cover of a vent in the bedroom closet of the baby girl, and on the edge of a carpet.  In August the same house saw drug enforcement agents raid the property and carry out around 400 marijuana plants.

The Edgel family now has to live apart in a different city, with their income having been cut by almost 50%.